Excellence in Physics Education Award Funds

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Paul W. Zitzewitz Award for Excellence in K-12 Physics
This award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching K-12 physics.
Melba Newell Phillips Medal Endowment
This award is presented to an AAPT leader whose creative leadership and dedicated service have resulted in exceptional contributions within AAPT.
AAPT-ALPha Award
The AAPT-ALPhA Award for Undergraduate physics students will be given to a student (or group of students) majoring in physics, who has built, and possibly developed, an advanced laboratory experiment that will become a new part of their school’s advanced laboratory program.
DEI in Physics Transformational Leaders Award
The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Physics Transformational Leaders Award recognizes those who have made notable contributions and engaged in efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) that have had an impact on teachers and students of physics and/or on the teaching of physics.
David Halliday and Robert Resnick Award
This award recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching undergraduate physics, which may include the use of innovative teaching methods.
John David Jackson Award for Excellence in Graduate
This award recognizes outstanding achievements by a physics educator who has had serious impact on the field of graduate education, in terms of curricular development and/or classroom teaching.
Monroe Scholarship Fund
The Mary Beth Monroe Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize the outstanding academic and leadership accomplishments of physics majors who began their studies at a regionally accredited community college and pursue a career in physics education.