Program Funds

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Physics Olympiad Program Fund
Contributions to this fund support the annual Physics Olympiad Program.
PTRA Continuation Fund
Support of the PTRA Continuation Fund.
High School Physics Photo Contest Fund
Provides support for the operation of the High School Physics Photo Contest.
Physics Education Research Support Fund
This fund was established to track the income and expenses associated with the Physics Education Research Conference. When the Physics Education Research Topical Group (PERTG) was established, this fund also became the repository of PERTG dues and is now managed by the Physics Education Research Leadership Organizing Council (PERLOC).
AAPT Annual Fund
Gifts to the AAPT Annual Fund support the everyday operations of AAPT, from inspiring excellence through educational programming to recognizing award-winning physics professionals, all critical pieces in supporting the advancement of physics education.
Betty Preece SEES Memorial Fund
The SEES program, ardently promoted by emeritus AAPT member, Betty P. Preece, provides 100 minority, low-socioeconomic students with the opportunity to engage in three hours of hands-on science activities. AAPT provides lunch, career and science materials.
Physics Bowl Program Fund
The Physics Bowl Program engages 10,000 high school students each year in a series of school administered exams. Schools, teachers and students are recognized for their achievements. Donations support this vital high school program.
COMPADRE Continuation Fund
Support of the COMPADRE Continuation Fund.
Duncan McBride PER Travel Scholarship
Summer Meeting travel scholarship for graduate students, postdocs, two-year college faculty, and/or those transitioning into PER.