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Don Lincoln2024FermilabKlopsteg_Memorial_Lecture_Award
Jennifer Blue2024Miami UniversityDistinguished Service Citation
Anthony Mwene Musumba, PhD2024Riverside City CollegeDistinguished Service Citation
Jennifer Blue2024Miami UniversityFellow
Juan R. Burciaga2024Colorado CollegeDistinguished Service Citation
Laura H. Greene, PhD2024Florida State UnivOersted_Award
Tatiana Erukhimova, PhD2024Texas A&M UniversityDistinguished Service Citation
Stephanie Chasteen2024University of Colorado - BoulderMcDermott_Medal
Juan R. Burciaga2024Colorado CollegeFellow
Stephanie Chasteen2024University of Colorado - BoulderFellow
Tatiana Erukhimova, PhD2024Texas A&M UniversityExcellence in Undergraduate Phy
Mike Florek2024Glenvar High SchoolWolff-Reichert Travel Grant
Tatiana Erukhimova, PhD2024Texas A&M UniversityFellow
Katherine (Katie) Mack2024Perimeter Institute for Theoretical PhysicsRichtmyer_Memorial_Award
Brad R. Conrad, PhD2024Society of Physics StudentsFellow
Saara Naudts2024 Wolff-Reichert_Travel_Grant
Richard Gelderman2023Western Kentucky UniversityFellow
Kimberly Coble, PhD2023San Francisco State UniversityJackson_Award
Alice M. Flarend2023Bellwood-Antis HSDistinguished Service Citation
Darsa Donelan2023Gustavus Adolphus CollDoc_Brown_Award