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2018 U.S. Physics Olympiad

2018 U.S. Physics Olympiad

Registration Process

Step 1:  Sign In using your email address as your username.  Username and password are case-sensitive.  Note that Registration is not available until you sign in.

Step 2:   Use the Register Myself button to register for the exam.

Remember to answer any questions that are required and use the Save Responses button to save your responses to the questions.  PLEASE NOTE that the proctor information that you provide when answering the questions below, is where the F=ma exam information will be sent.

Step 3:  Select exam date, exam type and number of exams, these are listed under Program.  Use the Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom right of the page.

PLEASE NOTE that the test dates for the F=ma exam are January 23, and January 31, 2018 ONLY!!  Please check your calendar before registering your students.

Also NOTE that due to the extra cost of shipping scantrons to other countries, schools outside of the U.S. will need to register for the WebAssign version of the F=ma exam.

1/23/2018 - 7/29/2018
This option is not available.