Area Committees

Committee on ApparatusCommittee on Apparatus - Informs the AAPT membership about current techniques for the construction, maintenance, and utilization of instructional apparatus.APPARATUSCOMMITTEE/APPARATUS
Committee on Educational TechnologiesCommittee on Educational Technologies - Identifies new developments in educational technology and new applications of educational technology to physics teaching and learning.ED_TECHCOMMITTEE/ED_TECH
Committee on Graduate Education in PhysicsCommittee on Graduate Education in Physics - Provide a forum for consideration of topics relevant to graduate instruction in physics.GRAD_EDU_IN_PHYCOMMITTEE/GRAD_EDU_IN_PHY
Committee on History & Philosophy of PhysicsCommittee on History & Philosophy of Physics - To promote interest in the history and philosophy of physics among the Association members.HIST_PHILCOMMITTEE/HIST_PHIL
Committee on International Physics EducationCommittee on International Physics Education - Provide a channel of communication between the membership of AAPT and physics teachers and students in other countries.INTL_EDUCATIONCOMMITTEE/INTL_EDUCATION
Committee on LaboratoriesCommittee on Laboratories - To provide a focal point (forum) for communication and unification of laboratory topics and activities of mutual interest to area committees, to high school teachers, to two-year College teachers and to University teachers. This shall include but not be limited to the dissemination of information about innovative ideas, technology, and techniques pertaining to physics laboratories. LABORATORIESCOMMITTEE/LABORATORIES
Committee on Diversity in PhysicsCommittee on Diversity in Physics - Seek more effective means of recruitment and retention of minority members of society in physics classes and physics related careers. MINORITIESCOMMITTEE/MINORITIES
Committee on Contemporary PhysicsCommittee on Contemporary Physics - The mission of the Committee on Contemporary Physics is to enhance the teaching and learning of contemporary and emerging fields of physics and related data analytics through instruction, learner investigations of cutting-edge physics research data, and hands-on, minds-on activities for physics teachers and their students.MOD_PHYSCOMMITTEE/MOD_PHYS
Committee on Physics in High SchoolsCommittee on Physics in High Schools - Provide a common meeting ground and opportunities for communication for high school teachers of physics and astronomy.PHYS_HIGH_SCHCOMMITTEE/PHYS_HIGH_SCH
Committee on Physics in Pre-High School EducationCommittee on Physics in Pre-High School Education - Serve the teachers of K-8 students and improve the physics learned in grades K-8.PHYS_PRE_HIGHCOMMITTEE/PHYS_PRE_HIGH
Committee on Physics in Two-Year CollegesCommittee on Physics in Two-Year Colleges - Provide a common meeting ground and opportunities for communication for two-year college teachers of physics and astronomy.PHYS_TWO_YEARCOMMITTEE/PHYS_TWO_YEAR
Committee on Physics in Undergraduate EducationCommittee on Physics in Undergraduate Education - Provide a forum for consideration of topics relevant to undergraduate instruction in physics in two-year colleges, four-year colleges, and universities.PHYS_UNDERGRADCOMMITTEE/PHYS_UNDERGRAD
Committee on Professional ConcernsCommittee on Professional Concerns - Provide a forum for AAPT members to discuss matters that affect physics educators professionally.PROF_CONCERNSCOMMITTEE/PROF_CONCERNS
Committee on Research in Physics EducationCommittee on Research in Physics Education - Encourage and follow research on the teaching and learning of physics and related topics.RSRCH_PHYS_EDCOMMITTEE/RSRCH_PHYS_ED
Committee on Science Education for the PublicCommittee on Science Education for the Public - Seek ways in which physics concepts, the importance of science literacy and research, and the interaction between science and society, can be effectively conveyed to the public, of all ages and persuasions in both formal and informal educational settings.SCIENCE_EDUCCOMMITTEE/SCIENCE_EDUC
Committee on the Interests of Senior PhysicistsCommittee on the Interests of Senior Physicists - Makes the talents and experience of senior AAPT members available to AAPT and to provide a forum in which those members can explore interests and concerns unique to that segment of the AAPT membership.SENIOR_PHYSCOMMITTEE/SENIOR_PHYS
Committee on Space Science and AstronomyCommittee on Space Science and Astronomy - To strengthen and maintain contacts with national organizations concerned with space science and astronomy and the teaching thereof.SPACE_SCI_ASTROCOMMITTEE/SPACE_SCI_ASTRO
Committee on Teacher PreparationCommittee on Teacher Preparation - Influences policy and activities within the AAPT that foster improvement of physics teacher preparation based on the research in physics learning and the physics teaching experience of the AAPT membership.TEACHR_PREPCOMMITTEE/TEACHR_PREP
Committee on Women in PhysicsCommittee on Women in Physics - Seek more effective means of recruitment and retention of women in physics classes and physics-related careers.WOMEN_IN_PHYSCOMMITTEE/WOMEN_IN_PHYS