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Below are AAPT's available online services. Some of these services are discounted or only fully accessible by AAPT members. Using this portal will allow multiple transactions through the use of a single login. Once you login to any of the items below and add a transaction you can return to this window and enter any other item without the need to login again. All transactions will appear and be held in the final checkout basket window for your final approval.

Example: Say you wish to renew your current membership and donate to a program. Step 1: Click on the Join/Renew button and login. Step 2: Enter your information for renewal. Step 3: Proceed to the checkout basket but do not proceed to payment. Step 4: Return to this window (portal window) and click on the donate button. Step 5: Choose your donation area and complete the form for the donation. Step 6: If you have no further transactions to complete proceed to checkout. Step 7: In the checkout basket window you should see your accumulated transactions. Step 8: Proceed to payment.