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Guidelines for Two-Year College Physics Programs
The guidelines were prepared to serve as a guide for institutional self-studies and program reviews; a resource for regional accrediting groups when revising self-study guidelines and conducting visitations for assessment of programs; and a guide to assist two-year college presidents, deans, and physics professors in developing reasonable... Details
Amusement Park Physics - 2nd Edition
Now is the time to prepare for your spring field trip. Completely updated, Amusement Park Physics, 2nd ed. gives teachers a gamut of subjects ranging from ways to incorporate amusement parks in classroom work to practical suggestions for taking a class to Physics Day. In between are methods of collecting data--many using modern... Details
Teaching About Magnets & Magnetism
The demonstrations and activities concerning magnets and magnetism described in this guide have been developed over many years. Most involve inexpensive and simple materials that are commonly available and easily put together. The teaching approach has students think about, and put into writing, what they expect to happen before... Details
Teaching Physics for the First Time-Teacher's Edition
Grab this book for a quick and easy way to build your physics repertoire. Perfect for the first time physics teacher, this AAPT/PTRA book is designed to be a practical go-to resource for even the most experienced physics teacher. Written after extensive research by AAPT members Jan Mader and Mary Winn, it is filled with reliable... Details